Find Used Cars Under $5000

Looking for used cars under 5000 dollars?  Then you have come to the right place.  We are rapidly becoming the trusted source when it comes to used cars for sale for under $5000.

With this economy, people are trying to save money any way they can.  For many, that means spending less on a used car. Here is a sample of the listings we offer:

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Buying a Car For $5000: Tips To Consider

Of course, any car being sold for less than $5000 has been around the block a time or two. For this reason, it's essential that you take some precautionary steps prior to purchasing your vehicle:

  1. Arrange a Pre-Sale Inspection: You can typically have one of these done for around $100, even if you are buying the car out of state. There are mobile inspection services that will come to the seller's house or dealer's lot. One hundred bucks is about 2% of the cost of a $5000 car, but it's well worth the investment.
  2. Request a Vehicle History Report: A vehicle history report such the kind offered by CarFax will tell you whether a car has been stolen, been the victim of flood damage, or been in a major accident. This allows you to double-check whether or not the seller is being honest with you. If not, what else could they be hiding?
  3. Resist "The Fever": All of us get it: the fever to get the car we want....NOW! But sometimes having the hots for a specific car, truck, or SUV can blind you to its drawbacks. So it's best to have a wingman of some kind to help you think rationally about your next purchase.

Follow this advice and you could find yourself behind the wheel of a great car, truck, or SUV...for under $5000!